I Believe In… making an impact

After years of making small donations here and there, we realized that it wasn’t enough for us. We want to make an impact on the causes that we believe in, but have been struggling with where to donate to make the biggest difference. So we want to ask you (yes… YOU) to follow along with our exploration of the great organizations making a difference, and help us figure out where to donate.

Every month we highlight organizations doing great work on a specific area or cause and you vote on which of these organizations you believe in!

Each organization will get at least $100, and the remaining money will be split out based on vote percentage.

We will be donating every month for 1 year to various charities we believe in. Vote each month, or join our giving group to help make the donation pool even more impactful.

September 2014 theme: Charities working to protect British Columbia’s wildlife



This was a project by Arpy Dragffy and Brittany Hobbs of PH1 Media